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No presence informationAnonymous UserAnnouncing Enterprise Collaboration Conference in Brussels, Belgium #ecconf13 
Hopefully this will be a day full of information and experiences from multiple viewpoints and not to much sales talk. Enterprise collaboration may be older than myself but still people fear to Share their professional opinions and comments on the web. We 're slowly breaking this barrier and use the befit of a digital social platform to Share more than files and data on our network.
Brecht DebruyneWUTGPU84.199.116.59
No presence informationFranklin T.AvePoint's Blockbuster Summer Continues 
Hi Dave. Thanks for your inquiry and for checking out our blog! We've had an extremely busy summer packed with multiple product releases and updates, so the purpose of Mary Leigh's post was to share what we had released up to this point and explain how it ties back to our company history.
Franklin T.
No presence informationAnonymous UserAvePoint's Blockbuster Summer Continues 
Hi - was the purpose of this blog to simply list product releases?
Dave K.
No presence informationAnonymous UserNot from Your Grandmother’s Kitchen: Online Privacy and Cookies 
The "EU cookie" regulation, now means that in order to be "fair" about Information Collection, users must be notified about cookie use, and many have pop ups and notices upon arrival at the site. Compliance Guardian website capabilities are really useful to prove EU regulation compliance...
Ralph O'Brien
No presence informationAnonymous UserAvePoint at SharePoint Conference Ukraine 2013 
Congratulations! Anyone who missed out on this event and are interested in ECM (SharePoint) will do their businesses a HUGE favor. Register at any SharePoint fest events to explore the features that will strengthen your organization (that translates to $$$). There's a Sharepoint Fest in DC this August <a href='' rel='nofollow'></a> Great speakers and additional learning.
Gregor Matt
No presence informationAnonymous UserAvePoint at Australian SharePoint Conference 2013 in Sydney 
This was a great conference and I personally enjoyed the topics covered by all speakers.  It's great to be involved with such talented people such as Randy and Dan.  I also really enjoyed the opporunities to engage with other SharePoint users and understand some of the demands and "hot" topics that businesses face today. 

Certainly a worthwhile event and had a great time engaging with AvePoint customers.
No presence informationAnonymous UserEuropean SharePoint Conference 2013 Wrap-Up 
You can see our most memorable moments on this movie:
No presence informationAnonymous UserWhat Do You Like Best About DocAve? 
There are so many significant improvements in AvePoint mods this year. Goverernance resolves a great deal of security requirements for our organization. Content shield has taken our SharePoint team from being reactive to proactive. Administrator removed the complexity of customizing reports and development time. SharePoint Migrator will save us 1 year and a significant cost savings. I am very excited about the new releases and the overall direction that AvePoint is taking. They are providing solutions that not only meet our short term needs but long term needs as well.
Jason Smith
No presence informationAnonymous UserAvePoint Hosts its Own Olympic Games in London 
Looks like everyone had a lot of fun! Great job AvePoint UK!
No presence informationAnonymous UserLooking Forward to the 7th Annual Internet Governance Forum 
Excellent introduction to the 2012 IGF. I particularly appreciate the emphasis on remote participation, either through remote hubs (local groups getting together to watch, discuss, participate in the Baku meeting) or individually. With the meeting in Baku this year, difficult for many to attend, online participation will be very important. There will be more information about remote hubs on the www.intgovforum site soon, including registration and training for hub organizers and moderators. All Baku workshops will have remote moderators, trained, ready and willing to help you engage with the in situ meeting. WS 52 mentioned in the post will have all remote presenters, and remote collaboration in reviewing and writing the principles. We count on all of you to join this initiative to improve inclusion and engagement from often unheard voices. We can make a real impact if we want. It's  a matter of doing it. Thanks for the great post, Robert! Ginger @paqueg @igcbp
Anonymous User
No presence informationAnonymous UserAvePoint Usage Survey for Microsoft SharePoint in EMEA 
Look forward to the results here!
Anonymous User
No presence informationRobin H.AvePoint Takes Over Amsterdam: Takeaways from TechEd Europe #TEE12 
Great to meet with everyone on the TechEd stand and see the presentations on your latest products and services too.

Jimmy Woo's was a great idea and evening - well done to all of the organisers from Avepoint and K2 for making it a great night out ! Photos look fantastic.

A huge crowd for the drawing of the quad bike prize, great to hear that the winner, Sammy was also celebrating his birthday.

See you all next year
Robin H.
No presence informationMurtaza H.My Third Week as an AvePoint Intern 
Great article!
Murtaza H.
No presence informationMurtaza H.AvePoint Intern (Not So) Confidential: Week Four 
Murtaza H.
No presence informationMurtaza H.AvePoint Intern (Not So) Confidential: Week Five 
Awesome article!
Murtaza H.
No presence informationMurtaza H.My Second Week as an AvePoint Intern 
I really like the intro especially the one with the Monday blues which I know everyone can relate to!! Keep it up! Fatima...Looking forward to your next blog.
Murtaza H.
No presence informationMurtaza H.My First Week as an AvePoint Intern 
This is really a nicely put article from an intern's perspective. I must say that AvePoint hires talented marketing interns. Well done! Fatima
Murtaza H.
No presence informationDeonne F.My First Week as an AvePoint Intern 
As one of your fellow interns, I felt the exact same way. The first week was an adventure for us, and I am sure there will be many more to come. The AvePoint team definitely trains you well enough and quickly makes you feel part of the team. The picture of the Hudson is amazing. It is good to know that after a long day at work, we can take a moment to stop and look at such a relaxing skyline!
Deonne F.
No presence informationAlain C.SharePoint Summit 2012 and WPC Planning in Toronto 
We'll (Innofactor Plc) be at the WPC 2012 as well and we can't wait to meet you all.

And we have something exciting to win as well: A ticket to the EdgeWalk on the CN Tower in Toronto. Very high, exciting and not for everyone. Join the contest here and meet us at our booth 1506 

We're looking forward to seeing you in Toronto
Alain C.
No presence informationJohn P.Enter DocAve 6 - Stage Left 
Thanks for making the launch process a human one, Heather!  I, for one, think of the stress of trying to get key bugs approved by shiproom, the late nights of work when the team rallies together and the intense feeling of accomplishment once it goes out the door!  On that note, I'm looking forward to getting my (and my customers') hands on DocAve 6 :-)
John P.
No presence informationHeather N.New Blog Series: In AvePoint's Own Words 
I'm really excited to see what the attendees of the meetings have to say here!  Cheers.
Heather N.
No presence informationJack K.AvePoint Hits the Lanes to Support the Relief Effort in Japan 
Thank you HR department for a fun (and meaningful) night of bowling! Looking forward to the next outing.
Jack K.